Check in with the Team; Fall Edition

Our shop and our ice cream would not be what it is without the amazing people that make up our team. We wanted to give everyone a chance to see how great they are, and to connect names with the faces you see behind the counter every day! We asked them to share some of the stuff they love about fall, and their answers were pretty great.

Esmeralda Arellano

(Shift Lead/Kitchen Team)

"Autumn is my favorite season! I love the sunny yet cool weather. I love all things Halloween, and I'm looking forward to working Halloween at MELT! It'll be my first. Butternut has had my heart since we introduced this round of flavors."

Jayne Goodall



"Favorite thing about fall?? EASY. The weather. Hands down. Are you kidding me? Any other answer is wrong. The best thing about fall is the weather. And with great weather comes great fashion. Don't get me started on sweater weather. I. Am. Ready. On this menu, Butternut is my favorite flavor!"

Heather Ramaekers

(Shift Lead)

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

"For me, Autumn means going to school and learning (and treating yourself to ice cream afterwards!). This fall I'm taking an introductory course that is educating me in all the fields of the fashion industry , so I'm excited to see where this class will take me! My favorite flavor is Apples'n'Oats!"

Arika Oviedo

(Shop Manager)

"When the air and leaves get crispy I know it’s that time of the year to find a few good books, relax, and enjoy the short days and cool nights. Fall is a time for pumpkin everything, football, cozy scarves, hot chocolate, candy corn, sweaters, and late nights around the bonfire. I love how the cozy weather draws me indoors to craft and cook. I’ll just put on a pair of thick socks and pjs and start making things, but I also love how the fall draws me outdoors and persuades me to try to sneak a good camping trip in before it gets too cold out. Fall reminds me that it is never too late to start over. Fall is a cozy season which returns faithfully to me every year. Fall means I’m buying a new coat for the winter."

Frankie Simmons

(Communications Director/Shift Lead)

"Fall always drives me to spend more time with friends and family. Maybe it's how the cooler weather encourages home cooked meals around shared tables, or maybe it's that extra goodwill motivated by the upcoming holiday season. Whatever it is, this year I definitely want to capitalize on that, growing the relationships that matter and creating memories with great people, many of which I'm sure will involve ice cream! I'm currently obsessed with Apples'n'Oats, in all its creamy, cozy goodness."

Kari Crowe Seher


Screenshot 2015-07-30 14.30.50.png

"I love the beauty of a new season of celebration.  My husband and I were married in October, so it's a reminder of joy, friendship, and loyalty.  MELT gets to embody many of those same qualities, with our team and with our customers.  We get to build relationships as we celebrate our customers, many of whom we see often, and experience their life joys.  My favorite fall flavor is the butternut squash. I like the unexpected savory flavors, it's rejuvenating. I sometimes eat it for lunch."