2015 in Review: MELT's Top Ten

Together, we've done some pretty sweet things this year. We have grown and partied and laughed on a whole new level, and while every day was great, there were a few that were especially big to us. So, here is a list of some of the ice cream parties we will never forget: MELT's Top Ten.

1. Fort Worth Funky

In March, we had the honor of being featured on Fort Worth Funky. They took some time to sit down and listen to our story, and then made this video highlighting all everything at the core of who we are. 

2. MELT's First Birthday

April was our birthday month, and we made sure to party all the way through. We took donations for The Birthday Party Project throughout the month, and some of our team members even got a chance to volunteer at one of their events! The weeks before our birthday brought some special celebration for staff and regulars, and day of, we threw ourselves a birthday bash to remember. We had some custom printed t-shirts made on-site by Trust Printshop, we turned our menu into a Greatest Hits playlist of our best loved flavors, we invited you all, and you all showed up. 

3. Fort Worth Magazine

May brought us the honor or being chosen by you as Fort Worth's Best Frozen treat, and being chosen by Fort Worth Magazine as their cover for the month. It was so fun to hear that you guys love what we do as much as we love doing it!

4. Oak Cliff Pop Up

We spent our summer weekends with our Dallas friends, slinging scoops out of a corner of an urban farmer's market in Oak Cliff. It may just have been a quick, few month long pop-up, but the people we met and the celebrations we had while there have absolutely stuck with us.

5. Christmas in July

Last year, we celebrated the hallowed day of Christmas in July all on our own. And it was awesome day. But this year, our good friends over at Brewed joined in, and we got to tack on a Christmas Eve celebration as well. There were elves, special Christmas flavors, and an ugly sweater contest. The day was merry and bright and HOT and sort of the best ever.

6. Fit Worth

Remember that crazy time when the Mayor personally escorted 150 bikers to our shop? On a legendary July day, Mayor Price's Fit Worth Initiative invited people to take a ride through Fort Worth and end up on our front door for a well deserved cone.


7. Co-Owner Mark


This summer, MELT gained an awesome new full time team member in Mark Seher. He's always been a big part of MELT as our Founder Kari's husband, filling many roles and fixing many broken appliances. But, when he quit his day job to be our co-owner and CFO, we all got to find out just how great he really is. His hard work and insights have been a huge part of MELT's success this year, and we're pretty glad to have him around.

7. Elle Magazine


In October, MELT got its first national write up, in this great article by Elle Decor. We were super excited to be recognized, and just as excited to see other amazing DFW spots right there with us!

9. Tribe Alive

In November, we launched a new line of retail alongside some very passionate people. Tribe Alive works through ethically sourced fashion to provide jobs for women living in impoverished countries. The products they created for our line provided a full week's worth of work for artisans in Haiti, and as a bonus, are also completely gorgeous. We launched our online store so we could showcase these beautiful items (as well as our other great retail products) and so you could all experience them for yourselves.

10. Motor Sisters

December launched what was undoubtedly our biggest adventure of the year. Motor Sisters Ice Cream, MELT's sister shop in Dallas, served her first cone December 4th, and has been dishing out some sweet tricked-up cones, sundaes, and shakes ever since. We've loved adding this place and these people to our family.

This year has brought a lot of new, joyful experiences our way. We are so grateful for all of the love and laughter we have had, and so excited to know that this is only the beginning! 2016 will be bigger, brighter, and sweeter in every way. We hope you will join us!





MELT's 2015 Family Christmas Extravaganza

As previously discussed on this blog, the MELT Team loves to party together. And the holidays are a perfect excuse to have more celebrations than ever. So earlier this week, we got together to make some memories and some laughter, and in the spirit of everything we hope to stand for, tried to give back a little in the process.

Through a local Angel Tree drive, we got the names of five worthy children to buy Christmas presents for, and then threw in some healthy competition along the way. While shopping for the Angel Tree presents, two teams of MELT ladies raced to get through a long list of tasks and bring back photo proof of their completion. These assignments included (but were not limited to)-

Giving hugs to strangers and stuffed animals alike,

getting in a quick work out,

requesting piggy back rides from random shoppers,

image1 (1).JPG

dressing up in holiday cheer,

and showing their true feelings for brand name ice cream.

After both the present hunt and the scavenger hunt were completed, everyone returned to the shop. We wrapped up our presents, ate take out from Cannon Chinese Kitchen, and reminisced (with a whole lot of laughter) about the amazing, joyful, cone filled year we got to have together. 

Parties, good food, and helping others are what we specialize in, and we want to see these passions play out when we are with customers and when we are with each other, both while we are open and after hours. The MELT Team truly is a family of people who are all in love with the ice cream and community this shop has fostered, and every one of you who has come in during the past one year and eight months have been a wonderful part of that. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, thank you for making 2015 amazing. We hope you all are having as great of a time with friends and family this week as we had with each other a few nights ago. 

P.S. A special thank you goes out to Target for letting us run around acting crazy in their store. Couldn't have done it without you.