Yoga for Houston's Furry Friends

After Hurricane Harvey, many pets had to be left behind in efforts to get to safety. This created a huge burden for many of the animal shelters in Houston. With help from our friends at Indigo Yoga, MELT led an afternoon of roof top yoga, for which all proceeds went to benefit the Houston SPCA. 


We saw an amazing turn-out to help our fellow Texans. The generous yogis were soothed with the sounds of a live guitarist while they practiced "bridge pose," "child's pose," and of course, "downward dog" for the benefit of Houston's dogs. After yoga, everyone was able to enjoy a delicious scoop of MELT ice cream.


It is events like these that remind us here at MELT how awesome the community we live in is. Thank you to everyone who came out to help our furry friends during this time of need! For those of you who would still like to help, Houston SPCA accepts donations on their website.

Change the world and have some fun.

You’ve asked and envied and the moment has finally come: thanks to our upstairs neighbors, Evangalist, you can join us on the rooftop for a Giving Day Party this Thursday!

What’s a Giving Day Party? Our 2017 nonprofit partner, The Net FW, is hosting a party to celebrate donations on North Texas Giving Day. We’ll have ice cream, DJ WayGOOD, drinks, food, and all the good vibes you can handle.




If you can’t make the party, you can give online here. Just select “The Net FW” as your organization. Don’t forget to ask your employer in advance if they will match your donations. Bonus: everything The Net receives on Thursday will be doubled up to $10,000. The Net’s mission is to be the “safety net” for the local homeless and those in poverty by building relationships and seeking to restore their dignity.

Our partnership with The Net is a triple-scoop cone:

1) A portion of our sales from every scoop of Beans in 2017 goes directly to The Net

2) During our birthday month, we asked you to celebrate with us by bringing flashlights and new shoes for the homeless.

3) We’ve hosted quarterly service days so our employees can volunteer at The Net: folding clothes, playing with refugee children, and organizing their store.



This last one is super important to us - one of our core values is “Be humble and serve.” To us, service goes beyond customers and extends to our community. For a lot of our employees, scooping at MELT is their first job, and we love being able to show them that working can be about more than a paycheck.

One of our team members, Mary Beavers, said it best, “We serve people every day. But we do it to earn income or because we love ice cream. The best part about volunteering is that not only do I feel I am making an impact on my community, I am also getting to know my fellow employees on a very real level. Plus, I've always wanted to be a part of a company that is involved in the community and gives back.”


Net Shirt (14 of 90).jpeg

Please join us Thursday on the rooftop for our Giving Day Party. We believe treats can change your day and your day change the world. And every time you grab a scoop of Beans or donate to The Net, you’re changing the world for one of your neighbors.

Customer Story: The Moughons

Maybe you've noticed the neon word floating subtly above our heads while we scoop ice cream: happy. It's our goal, not just for ourselves, but for our ice cream.

We don’t want to stop at scooping a cool, chilly dessert. We want to hand you a cone of cheer.

And most of the time, our ice cream is itself a celebration: marking a birthday or the end of a long week, or bringing together an entire family for graduation. But sometimes, ice cream is more convenient than celebratory. And we know how close we are to the hospital. How convenient.  It’s a challenge we will always accept: to scoop cheer to the patients, loved ones, doctors, and nurses of our neighbors, whenever we can.

A few months ago, some of those loved ones waiting at a hospital were part of our MELT family: Jane and Dan Moughon. Jane had read about MELT before it opened, and “we were hooked from the first time,” Dan said.
They’ve been coming about once a week since, according to Jane, and when they’re sick, Dan still makes the trip and brings it home. With such consistency, they’ve probably tried every flavor, but their favorites are classics: Velvet Vegan (Jane) and Beans (Dan).

When they came in for their weekly scoop in February, it was not an ordinary trip. They were taking a break from spending the entire day at Harris Hospital while Jane's mom, Polly Webb, had surgery.

When they were in line, MELT’s manager,  Mary Beavers, heard Jane and Dan discussing the surgery. Mary could have ignored their conversation. Jane could easily have downplayed the difficulty of the day. But Mary heard their story and decided to buy their ice cream.

“It was such a treat,” Jane said later. “It really brightened our very long day of sitting in the hospital waiting room.”
Polly’s brain surgery was followed by some time in intensive care, but afterward, she was able to stand up and eventually start walking again. Jane said the two-year ordeal has taught her mom to accept help, a lot of it coming from her husband, Mayes. Polly and Mayes have been married 60 years on May 31st and we call that a three-scoop celebration!

Cheers to modern medicine, the Moughons, and Mary for spreading happiness!

Southside Galentine's Date

Kari here, the founder and owner of this little ice cream shop.  I'm a big fan of our corner of Fort Worth, the Southside.  It's where I live, work, and play.  I don't think that Valentine's has to just be about couples and romance, I'm all for meeting up with my gal pals for some much needed brunch and hang time.  Here's where I would go if I were planning to be hanging with my ladies for this Galentine's weekend: 

First, we would start off with lattes and chicken and waffles at Brewed,  be sure to take your time and soak in the whole atmosphere.  They have created something truly magical throughout their space and service.  If the weather is nice, be sure and check out their patio.

Next, we would walk down to Ephemera to build our own little plant treats.  I mean seriously, you can build your own mini-terrarium with air plants, purple cacti and mini dinosaurs!  How could that not make you smile? 

After building the world's most adorable plants, we would pop into Kent and Co., the neighborhood wine bar, to split a bottle of bubbly!

By the end of our sips we would be ready for a walk over to MELT to close out the night with our must-have scoops. And I highly recommend getting two scoops, because  new flavors will be out this weekend!